Dangerous Man Brewing Company – Minneapolis, MN

My husband and I have visited several Minnesota breweries over the past year.  By far, Dangerous Man Brewing Company is one of our favorites!

Dangerous Man is located in an eclectic area in the North East part of Minneapolis.

The tasting room is warm, inviting, family friendly (Minus the skeleton wreath 😉) and full of energy.

We sat at a long table with a young couple/beer enthusiasts.  They told us people line up outside the door and down the street on days you can fill your grower.

Our tasting included…

Imperial Golden Rose, House IPA, Scottish Ale and Chocolate Milk Stout

Outside the brewery front door sat a food truck.

A food truck dinner with a craft beer tasting – perfect date!


Cheers to Dangerous Man Brewing Company – a brewery we would definitely put on your short list!

Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy your day!

  1. My daughter would agree with your assessment. let me ask since your last picture is of you two upside down, does that mean you really had a great time at this place and you posted this the morning after? : ) Happy New Year.

    • You got me! I had to quickly check to make sure the picture wasn’t upside down. Yes, Dangerous Man is such a great stop. Your daughter has good taste, for sure! Happy New year to you and your family! Thanks for visiting and stop by again someday soon!

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